First, let me wish you a Happy New Year!  What you are reading is on my goal list for 2018, I am very excited to be putting a short blog out weekly talking to you about not just Young Living Essential Oil products and living an Oola Journey, which we will get into but to have you really stop and look at what “Your Best Self” looks like through your eyes.  The fun part is I’m going to share with you my story and strategies when although we are hurrying around our busy lives and it appears everyone has it all together, we are all struggling at times, but we are in this together.

It is a new year and at times for many that bring complete clarity as to what they want for the year. What lessons did they learn from the past year? Who and what are they dumping from their lives? Are they starting to eat healthier, exercise? We all know that list that we may have carried over for a few years.  Honestly for me until recent years and I intentionally chose, the New Year brought on mega stress. Rolling over on New Year morning and thinking, “what new resolutions am I going to put out there and NOT complete?”

Most likely you like the majority are seeing all this inspiration, motivation, resolutions being made, pick your word for the year, etc., etc., etc. But without all the bombardment, if you pause sat down and wrote it out, what would that look like, no right or wrong, just your truth.

Hi, my name is Lisa Bechtol and I am in the constant recovery mode of perfectionism and giving more to others than myself. Don’t get me wrong helping others is an awesome quality until you realize it is also a source of avoidance of dealing with the person in the mirror.  There is a story as to why I am who I am, which I will share throughout the blog.  Yes, you will get all the “Hot Mess” details. You will also get strategies that I use to realize that being myBest Self” is a constant work in progress and that’s ok.  What I have learned is that self-care is the first step of setting a strong foundation for becoming my best self and that is what I want to talk with you about.

This blog is not to sell you anything or even add to feeling of inadequacy that we all sometimes feel; it is to give you some insight, some humor, maybe a few tears (tears are good, honestly) into how a person rises from the ashes of sexual child abuse, bulimia, bullying, trauma of witnessing and losing my father in an auto accident at the age of 16, domestic violence, depression, anxiety and last but not least being diagnosed with Lupus and stage IV cancer and given a bleak diagnosis to say the least years ago.  Psssssst, I’m still here and rising!

Being completely transparent here for the person that reads the blog down the road when I share a product and they say, “she said she wasn’t selling anything thing” …. I’m not, I’m all about sharing. Love life hacks…obsessed with them if I’m completely honest.  This blog may not be for that person, but it will be for a few of you and I’m looking forward to just chatting about life.  By the way, I no longer make resolutions and my word for the year is “Believe.”  I Believe this will be my best year yet and because of my faith and spirit, “All things are possible for the one who believes and trust” Mark 9:23

You will find as you read I have many favorite quotes that I love, this one is my mantra.

Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can.

~Arthur Ashe

So, until next week write down and stick it somewhere where you can see the answer to the question, “What does your best self-look like to YOU?”  Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, it’s the answer that makes you smile on your face, in your heart, and in your mind.