Contentment, I googled the definition: “Feeling or showing satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation, a contented smile: They lived a contented life.”  Contentment, being grateful for everything…That to me is core Oola.  When we become content at times, we have a tendency to become complacent, which is not always good…. You just don’t have to accept and settle into the thought process of “this is my life” “just the cards I was dealt” “I CAN’T change anything”…….. Lean in, that thought process is on YOU, not life, not God.  We have a choice every single day every minute to make a change.

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

~Mandy Hale

There is pain in change, but there is also pain in staying the same.  You may have physical pain in change if you haven’t been to the gym or done anything to motivate your body physically.  Relationships, that word can make you smile, or at times it can make you sigh and do the ole shoulder slump. When you think of that one person that is just sucking the life out of you, and you need to have that awkward conversation with, there is pain.  There is a pain in finances if you need to focus on that and change it up to have control of your finances.  But there is also a pain in staying in the same place if you are staying in that situation because of comfort but dread the day, the feeling you can’t move, you CAN.  If you are happy with where you are that is awesome, you’ve done the work; you can stop reading OR continue reading and catch a new nugget or maybe add a comment below to help someone else.  I believe we can learn something each day if we choose.

Do you think contentment is a negative thing? Not a trick question.  I don’t, not at all, that is part of my Oola Journey I’m working on; I’m content that I’m still here far acceding the EETOD (expected estimated time of death) that is written in my medical chart more times than I can count.  Don’t get me wrong, they do not have an actual time written down, but you get the gist.  When I say I’m “content” to still be here and alive, and I’m beyond grateful to God and his grace, that doesn’t mean I’m going to become complacent. I will continue to educate myself on the best foods to put in my body, make sure my inner circle (another blog) is tight, and I’m not allowing the negative toxic people to share that space.  I’m living my life to the fullest and doing what I want, which is the in all the toughest part of my journey.  As I mentioned in last weeks blog, in that area I’m a constant work in progress when it comes to putting myself before others….. sounds selfish, doesn’t it?  It does not come naturally for me, and it doesn’t come without guilt.  However, it is a necessary part of self-care which isn’t limited to what I fuel my body with which is non-negotiable for me; living my life to the fullest must be moved into that category as well.  I have a strong faith so as I read this verse it reminds me even Jesus took care of himself. That is my choice, that is your choice.  Always easy, no.  Worth it, YES!

Matthew 4:1-  Jesus went to the desert to pray and fast, not into the city to preach. There, he was tempted but resisted the temptation. And, after he was refreshed and ready, he began his ministry.

So last weeks blog talked about what does “Your Best Self” look like to you?  Did you write it down?   If you are living in contentment with your best self than again excellent, that’s a great thing.  If you are not, what steps do you need to move forward?  Please do not get me wrong, I love that feeling of being content when I finish a blog, record a podcast, when I look at my grown kids and think, they are kinda cool human beings, as I smile sitting on the beach and just chatting with God, and so many other things in my life. I believe there are various levels of contentment and that is what I would encourage us all to think about.

So until next week these are my thoughts and would love to hear yours; we can have contentment, even complete contentment but be open to being a work in progress because life never stops changing, each day is a new adventure, so live it, have belly laughs and realize we are never stuck, and we can choose.

Be Grateful. Have Faith. Be Kind. Believe. Travel Your Oola Journey