Lisa Bechtol
Lisa BechtolTransformational Life Mentor

My Testimony

Lisa Bechtol is the owner of LisaBechtol.com.  Lisa is passionate about helping others live their healthiest life and find their voice. She helps women do this ensuring they put self-care on the top of their priority list and mentoring them along the way.

Her 30+ years of experience with administration, medical and finance, which she loved came to an abrupt HALT when she was diagnosed first with Lupus and then stage 4 cancer.  Initially in 1995. As a mother of three, those words are life altering.  In 2005 she was given a “timeline” of four months to live; THIS as her oldest daughter was to graduate from college and be married within that year.  She had been going down the traditional health path for cancer up to that point.  However, those words resonated into her soul “four months to live.”

In 2005 when her four month diagnosis came, she decided to take matters into her own hands and become her own advocate for her healthcare. Lisa began living a strictly holistic lifestyle.  This lifestyle and treatment also included acupuncture, essential oils, fitness, and life style changes. Fast forward to 2016; Lisa is still HERE……her believing it is fully God’s will and her purpose wasn’t complete; partially due to a great team of physicians; but also to her change to holistic and alternative health choices.

Lisa continues to positively challenge herself to live her healthiest life and is passionate about mentoring others who want to live their healthiest life using Natural/Holistic care practices.  She is full of compassion and empathy for your darkest path however she will push you positively with a ‘no excuses’ approach to take steps for self-care.  She comes from a past of darkness due to sexual abuse as a child, domestic violence and terminal illness and continues to work on her journey but she makes NO EXCUSES for herself or others that it is THEIR time to crawl out from the darkness.

With each step you will become stronger and you will find your voice to be used in all areas of life.  Her life journey will inspire and motivate you to choose to move, to take the first step, to live your healthiest life and find your voice.

For Lisa, her business is not ‘work’; it is her purpose and passion!

Lisa can be reached through her contact form for inquiries on her Mentoring and Speaking Services.

She has come from a past of darkness due to trauma, tragedy, and terminal health issues.  Lisa has and continues to fight through her past experiences with sexual abuse as a child, domestic violence and terminal illness.  She makes NO EXCUSES for herself or others that it is THEIR time to crawl out from the darkness.

If you are ready to put the work in and want to live your life with the realization it is not a “dress rehearsal” and you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, Lisa will get you there through self-reflection, holistic/alternative life choices and the knowledge, she has walked not the SAME path but one that she can share with you.