“The moment I saw Lisa there was an instant connection. I was her waitress, we started talking and couldn’t stop. I felt like I had just ran into a long lost friend. At the time I met Lisa I was getting my period every two weeks, was extremely hormonal and beyond frustrated. I was a year and a half postpartum with my second child, and I was just simply off and couldn’t get back to normal. I, of course after just meeting Lisa, told her my life story. (Yes, She has that kind of energy) And within days a little bottle of what I call magic appeared at my front door, Which began my journey with essential oils. Lisa, who I call my guru, is the kindest, most knowledgeable, caring, compassionate woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Any advice she gives is genuinely from the heart and her mission is solely to help people! Lisa has an inner knowledge and this gives you a sense of peace, and if you are ready to do the work Lisa is certainly an angel that can guide you, God knows she changed my life forever.”

Gina Imperati, Owner of Mezzaluna Pizzeria, Ormond Beach FL

“I just LOVE Lisa. I met her a few years ago through a mutual friend and I’m so blessed that I did. This woman has endured more than any single person that I have ever met in my life, yet you’ll always see her with a smile on her face. I don’t know how she does it. She not only inspires me, but inspires any and everyone who crosses her path. She has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen and has taught me to embrace the love and joy around me. We’ve had some pretty lengthy conversations about life and what God has in store for us. She has taught me there is no time clock on our lives. God decides when we’re done here, not us. Out of every person I know, she has every reason to be bitter, angry, and upset but chooses to be happy and embraces her family and friends around her. Lisa inspires me daily… She has become like a sister to me. I don’t know what I would do without her.

If you are willing to do the work, she will make you be accountable, you will be a better person for it. ”

Karolyn Rosello, Co-Founder of K2 Fitness

“Lisa Bechtol – believe it or not, our history began in the parking lot of a WalMart, of all places. I’d known her peripherally for years, but that day was life changing for both of us. After hours of talking, we shared contact information. From that day forward, I had a new, most amazing, most positive presence in my life. Lisa is one of the strongest people I have ever known. She exudes positivity and cherishes belly laughs like no other!!!!She has worked incredibly hard to defy the odds of the plate that has been handed to her, and she’s WINNING!!!!!!
She is a wonderful person – she sees the silver lining in everything and has dedicated her life to taking care of others. If you are looking for someone to assist you in the area of self care, Lisa is your person! She is committed to helping others and would definitely be your advocate all the way!!
My life is better because she’s in it!!!”

Sandra Stewart, Child Study Center, Pennsylvania State University

“I’ve been fortunate to know Lisa Bechtol since kindergarten. She is one of the strongest, compassionate, and positive people I know. She dealt with the early death of her father and lupus/cancer diagnoses with dignity and strength. She amazes me everyday with her positive attitude. Lisa is not only a great friend but a wonderful Mother and Wife. I always know that if I ever need anything she will be there in a minute with a smile on her face. She is someone you can always count on. I thank my blessings everyday that she is in my life.

Lisa and I have shared many journeys together through our many years; Loss of parents, kids, LIFE in general. Lisa has a “straight shooter” type of mentality yet, always done in an empowering manner that will help you grow and become the best you can be at whatever path you are taking. If you allow her, she will make a difference.”

Gwendolyn A. Holderman, Nursing Instructor, School of Nursing, Pennsylvania State University

“I first met Lisa Bechtol as a co-worker in 1992. We worked in customer service and Lisa’s vivacious personality shined dealing with people. She always had a smile, a compliment, a positive word. To this day, there are customers from back then who ask about her.
Another reason Lisa was loved by customers was her attention to their needs. She left no stone unturned to help a client, in many cases going above and beyond to get it done. If she said she would take care of something, it was done, checked, and double checked to be sure it was done correctly. Any task assigned to her was completed accurately and on time. Lisa willingly did whatever needed to be done to help the team.
As time passed and our work lives diverged, Lisa and I became friends outside the workplace. She is a treasure in my life in more ways than mere words can describe. I can always count on her for advice, commiseration, and most importantly a laugh together. Her positive outlook on life never ceases to amaze me. No matter what obstacle or health concern arises, she takes a deep breath, assesses the situation, and moves forward. Her research capabilities are astounding. I’ve been telling her for years she has a gift to be shared beyond her current circle of friends.”

Virginia McAdoo, Senior Vice President, Retail Director, National Penn

“I have known Lisa since high school. I have been blessed to reconnect with her through Facebook. If you are ever lucky enough to have her be a part of your life you will be changed forever. That is a not an exaggeration. Positive energy flows from her and leaps into your soul. She is a light in a world filled with too much darkness. She has changed my world with her attitude, faith and hopefulness. She introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils and turned my world upside down in the best way possible. My physical, emotional and spiritual health has improved dramatically. She helped me learn how to take care of ME so that I could truly be happy and so that I could be the best me that the people in my life deserve. Probably the greatest lesson I have ever learned from Lisa is that every single day is a blessing to be thankful for and not take for granted. Every…Single… Day!!!”

Sherri True, Kindergarten Teacher, Bald Eagle Area School District